Golden Cross and the GORGEOUS Netflix Chart

So the ole Golden Cross is about to take place on the beautiful Netflix chart. This is where a short-term average (usually 50 day) crosses above the long-term average (usually 200 day). What this means is a collection of short term averages (50) now have a higher value than the collection of long term averages (200). That is … More Golden Cross and the GORGEOUS Netflix Chart

Saturday 9/30/16 $290 with Uber/Lyft

It was surging all day with Uber – ended up driving from 10am to about 9pm…Just wasn’t getting tired…Enjoyed the company…Didn’t feel like “real work”. Just a bit (a lot) of driving. Uber  (first), Lyft (second): I also hit the $210 transfer button yesterday (transfer will complete and be in my account by Monday/Tuesday)…So that takes care … More Saturday 9/30/16 $290 with Uber/Lyft

I like Juno Therapeutics Inc (JUNO) – $31.32

I’ve been monitoring JUNO for some time now. A few things about JUNO: Current closing price $31.32 (9/21/16) Traded @ about $58 less than a year ago (December 2015) At current stock price a $3.38 billion company And some technical notes: Has a bit of a “summer 2016” double bottom at $27.50 (hit $27.15 in July … More I like Juno Therapeutics Inc (JUNO) – $31.32