Amazon Call Options +$546 Overnight

So, as a follow up to my post on October 8th, I went ahead and got $114 and $120 call options…

Made $546 overnight on risking just $170 (also made $72 on AAPL but I am still holding that position so that figure is subject to change):



Here is what I posted on the 8th…And yes, I do believe the chart predicts what happens in the future, and that includes earnings reports!

From the 8th:

“…here is the Netflix chart – strongly considering some $120-$150 call options that expire in 1-2 months…Netflix reports earnings on October 17th so that needs to be taken into consideration (could be a huge pop or drop depending on earnings). Call me a stock trading “conspiracy theorist” but I strongly believe that the chart can predict the earnings. With a golden cross happening a week before earnings I would suspect a strong report.”


I am well ahead of my schedule…I have only made 5 deposits of $210 so I should only be at $1050

But…My current account value is @ $1860!!! I also made a big gain on SPY puts…And my AAPL puts (bought today — the $117 puts that expire this Friday) are up as well…

I will have to be EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED because I can be compulsive…And options will BANKRUPT YOU if you are not careful…As every single options contract goes to ZERO and expires WORTHLESS if they are trading below the strike price on the day of expiration.



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