Saturday 9/30/16 $290 with Uber/Lyft

It was surging all day with Uber – ended up driving from 10am to about 9pm…Just wasn’t getting tired…Enjoyed the company…Didn’t feel like “real work”. Just a bit (a lot) of driving.

Uber  (first), Lyft (second):

I also hit the $210 transfer button yesterday (transfer will complete and be in my account by Monday/Tuesday)…So that takes care of next weeks deposit.

I am 3 deposits into this program ($630) and by Halloween I’ll have $1470 (six-month forecast here).

If interested – you can get a sign-on bonus if you sign up using my referral links.



I will be getting ready to do some trading soon – the market has been volatile – Dow up 150 then down 150 the next day – but I don’t want to get wiped out trading options…Will update soon on stock market strategy…



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