$30 A Day Savings Plan

Hello world! I am starting a new financial blog to help myself get serious about having a savings account. If you don’t have one – don’t feel bad – I don’t either! However, as of today, I have a new plan moving forward.

I will be sending $210 a week to my optionshouse.com account (and perhaps later to my robinhood.com account).

This means I need to stash away $30 a day! Because 30*365 = $10,950 annually this may be too much for some readers (or too little for others?!). If so, try a number that works for you ($10/day = $3650/year…..$100/day = $36,500…and so on!).

The goal is to do some long and short-term trading. And in 10 years (fall of 2026!) grow the account to $250,000. I just crunched the numbers and there are 3652 days between now and 9/19/26. So if I do absolutely nothing aside from 30/day I will have $109,560 in 10 years in savings.

I do have advice for those that are struggling and need an extra push…Two words: Ride Sharing (Uber and Lyft). All you need is a Toyota Prius (sorry – I am very biased – and NO OTHER CAR COMPARES or will work as well!!!)…A phone. And an extra 3 hours per day. You should net on a bad day $15/hour …If you can only spare 1 day of extra work then Saturday is best…You can hit this magical $210 just on a Saturday (if you drive all day – about 10-12 hours).

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. If you want over $100,000 in 10 years (by doing nothing but following the program) then please follow along.

Who knows where this is going? Maybe I’ll hit $100K in 5 years? Maybe the opposite and I do poorly….Or stop transferring $210 per week to my brokerage account ($0 as of yesterday; $210 as of today; hopefully $840 by this time next month; and since there will be 15 transfers by Monday, 12/26/16, I’ll have $3150 by Christmas!!!).

I’m excited to start. And I will be promoting the following websites:




RobinHood (completely free $0 comission trades).

Oh, I forgot to mention, you do get a sign on bonus if you are a new driver. I am new to Uber and Lyft, and I received $240 from Uber…and $350 from Lyft….for free…Just for completing 25 rides in 30 days. It fluctuates from city to city…currently $1500 in Seattle with Lyft and I am seeing $5000 LA and $2000 in Orange County.

I hope you guys will enjoy the blog…And if you want OVER $3000 BY CHRISTMAS FOLLOW ALONG!!!!

Happy Savings,








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